Buying or Selling a Veterinary Practice

The need for lawyers with specialist knowledge of the veterinary profession has grown. The demands made of lending institutions and the move to incorporating businesses has only served to increase the need for specialist advice across the profession.

We all know that buying or selling a veterinary practice can be a daunting experience at the best of times and the transaction can take months from initiation to conclusion.

Provided that those with experience are engaged, the process can be simplified and if not shortened, it can at the very least be made less stressful.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or a corporate, the legal complexities of buying or selling a vets practice can only add to the stress of the daily routine.

We invite you to contact Mel Kang and his team who have broad expertise in the veterinary sector to meet with you and provide outline advice. There is no cost for this initial meeting.

Some of the areas where Mel and his team can assist you:-

  • Acquisition and disposals of veterinary practices (including asset and share sales)
  • Property advice (including health centre developments and leases)
  • Incorporation of veterinary practices
  • Preparation of partnership deeds and/or shareholder agreements