Buying or Selling a Children’s Nursery

If you are in the market to buy or sell a children’s nursery, you need a specialist healthcare law solicitor to advise and guide you through the process.

Running a nursery or working in childcare is an enormous responsibility. After all, you are being entrusted with other peoples’ most treasured possessions – their children.  However, we know that as a business owner you face unique challenges due to the fact that many different areas of law apply to childcare settings and nurseries, and you need the support of a legal team that can advise you on them all.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, you’re selling an established practice, or you’re an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, we provide comprehensive legal advice on the buying and selling process. We also provide guidance on practical business considerations such as, transferring business assets, property, employment and Ofsted enquiries.

Having a solicitor with specialist experience is essential for ensuring the viability of your business plan. Mel Kang and his have dealt with hundreds of corporate healthcare transactions over the years. As a legal practitioner who focuses solely on healthcare transactions, Mel has achieved recognition as one of the UK’s leading lawyers in this area.

For further information on buying or selling a children’s nursery , please get in touch with our corporate healthcare lawyers by giving us a call at our offices in LondonBirmingham, or Manchester, emailing, or filling in our online enquiry form.

How our corporate healthcare solicitors can help you

Whether your focus is on small or large nursery groups or single locations, we have the expertise to help you with your transaction, including providing detailed advice on the specific challenges and issues associated with your industry and business.

We can advise in relation to:

  • Acquisitions and disposals of nurseries, including asset and share purchases and sales
  • Advice on your freehold or leasehold premises
  • Incorporation of a children’s nursery
  • Liaising with interested parties including the buyer/seller, their solicitors, sales agents, and any mortgage lenders or investors financing the transaction
  • Drafting and reviewing partnership deeds and/or shareholder agreements
  • Assisting with buyer due diligence investigations
  • Reviewing and advising on the terms of the lease in relation to leasehold purchases
  • Negotiation of the purchase and sale agreement, including agreeing warranties and indemnities to protect your best interests

Financing a children’s nursery purchase

Mel Kang is an approved bank panel solicitor for many lenders who lend within the healthcare sector. Therefore, we can point you in the right direction for accessing lucrative finance options.

You should always obtain independent financial advice before choosing a particular route for financing.

Asset and share purchases and sales

For children’s nurseries owned by an individual or a partnership, it will be sold by way of a transfer of the business’s assets.

On the other hand, limited liability companies can either transfer the business by way of an asset sale or a share sale.

Sole traders and partners should consider whether it’s financially beneficial to incorporate before selling the nursery. We can provide advice about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of purchase and sale, including the responsibility for the business’s liabilities.

Due diligence

The buyer of a children’s nursery should undertake due diligence before contractually agreeing to purchase. For example, financial performance and the practice’s commitments and liabilities are all key areas to explore.

We can assist buyers undertake this process efficiently and cost-effectively, including liaising with the seller and their solicitors and agents in order to obtain information about the nursery.

Lease review

Many children’s nurseries are purchased on a leasehold basis. We can carefully review the lease of your chosen nursery on your behalf to ensure there are no terms which could be detrimental to your business, such as:

  • No break clauses
  • Frequent rent review clauses (which cause the ground rent to escalate over the years, significantly reducing the property’s value)
  • Restrictions on sub-letting
  • Burdensome maintenance clauses
  • Restrictions on alterations to the property
  • Burdensome service charges

Why choose Mel Kang and his team of corporate healthcare solicitors?

Mel Kang is a leading corporate healthcare lawyer with nearly 3 decades of experience assisting in the buying and selling of healthcare practices. Working with a team of specialist healthcare law professionals, Mel can conduct your property transaction proficiently and cost-effectively, setting your business up for the best start possible.

Our approach is client-centred. You will always have direct access to an experienced lawyer with 10,000 hours’ of experience who has dealt with countless nursery purchases and sales and we will act without delay to progress your transaction as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with our specialist nursery solicitor today

For further information on buying or selling a children’s nursery , please get in touch with our corporate healthcare lawyers by giving us a call at our offices in LondonBirmingham, or Manchester, emailing, or filling in our online enquiry form.