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The UK’s healthcare covers a huge variety of intricate and complex areas which professionals and owners have to carefully navigate.

For over 16 years, I have been proud to lead on, and successfully complete, a wide variety of deals, sales and acquisitions in the dental, GP, pharmacy, children’s nursery and care home industries.

The vast majority of those deals have been completed with the owners and shareholders of each business either buying or selling, merging with market competitors, restructuring their business so it’s fit for the future, dealing with contractual issues, or even expanding their property portfolios with one eye on the years ahead.

To give you a flavour of those deals, they include:

  • A £14m acquisition of three pharmacies within tight timescales to avoid the target pharmacy business being placed into administration
  • Acting for a dental partnership in a £1.7m acquisition of an NHS practice
  • Acting for sellers of a dental corporate on a share sale value of £1.2m
  • Acting for dentists and successfully applying to relocate their NHS contract to a new location and incorporating their GDS contract
  • Advising corporates and partnerships to sub-contract clinical services under their GDS contract;
  • Acting on behalf of Santander UK Plc undertaking secured lending transactions to perfect security/refinance over existing debt for the re-finance of a multiple care home operator – transaction value £2m.

The examples above are only a snapshot and below is a wider overview of Mel Kang Corporate Healthcare Solicitor Services linked to each sector:

Care homes

I act for the owners of large care home groups and smaller, single-owner care homes where I provide legal support in a variety of areas. Given the recent events of late care homes have been on the front line of the COVID-19 outbreak and it seems more than ever that owners are under immense pressure to ensure the viability of their homes.

The sector is also fragmented with thousands of organisations providing care, the social care sector as a whole having suffered from years of historic underfunding, and with a workforce often on low pay and insecure contracts. These factors should have motivated urgent support by the government to ensure that care homes had the PPE, testing and advice they needed.

I, as a specialist care homes lawyer offers speedy and decisive advice to help owners make key decisions as to buy or sell care homes as part of survival planning. Should you need to discuss further, I would welcome a no obligation consultation.


Children’s nurseries

Childcare is an extremely niche area and the rules and regulations are tight. As a specialist children’s nursery lawyer, I work closely with the owners of children’s day nurseries and specialise in the acquisition and disposals of an existing business, including structure of the sale and ‘pre-sale due diligence’ to ensure the business is as clean as possible.

Issues for buyers to bear in mind including funding, commercial considerations and Ofsted requirements.

Day to day issues for existing owners including parent contracts and property matters. We provide comprehensive legal advice on the buying or selling a Children’s Nursery.



I am proud to have built a strong reputation in the dental market where I act for practice owners on a wide variety of areas – including the buying and selling of NHS or mixed dental surgeries.

Whether you are buying or selling a dental practice, expanding by acquisition, incorporating; seeking regulatory or employment related advice, you can rely on the specialist industry knowledge of Mel Kang and his dental team.

As a dentist, or a partner in a dental practice or group, there are numerous occasions on which you may find yourself in need of legal advice and we provide an enviable service to our clients. Our due diligence team is one of the slickest operators in the market, we truly take the headache away from you. Often leading to a fast conclusion.


GP surgeries

Another complex area I work in is representing GPs. I am experienced in advising on GP partnership agreements within the NHS. I provide advice on key areas of GP partnership agreements including drawings, capital and profit share of each partner, decision making, roles, entitlements, procedures for appointment and retirement of partners and procedures to avoid partnership disputes. It is essential that a GP practice has a well-structured and comprehensive GP partnership agreement that is reviewed and renewed regularly to ensure it covers changes to the practice, staffing and legislative changes. Critical problems can arise when GP partnership agreements are not updated and when partnership changes occur, making it likely that the partnership is out of date.

I would actively encourage you to contact me for a free review and health check of your existing partnership agreement.



Across the UK the pharmacy sector has grown hugely over the past 20 years with more small groups and independents entering the market. This means they need first-class legal advice and working with owners of pharmacies I ensure every last legal detail is taken care of in respect of buying or selling a pharmacy. I have advised on the acquisition and disposal of hundreds of pharmacies, often to very tight timescales.

In addition, I have established strong relationships with banks, accountants and agents with significant experience of working with pharmacies who can deliver the necessary complementary support.

As GP services become more stretched, pharmacy businesses are under greater pressure than ever to assume more responsibilities within primary care in return for little additional funding, with the NHS pharmacy contract being predominantly designed to remunerate contractors for prescription volume.

As a consequence of the funding cuts, pharmacies are operating with lower profit margins which adversely affect goodwill values, with many pharmacies forced to make redundancies or consider selling up prematurely. If this applies to you, please do contact me and we can discuss further.

Lastly, I pride myself on my results and relationships not only with lawyers and solicitors acting on the other side of the fence, but also in areas many can and have missed – the relations with agents, financers and regulatory bodies.

For further information, and for some useful client testimonials about my work, please take a look at my website here ( I’d also be delighted to connect with you on my LinkedIn Profile.

Keep safe during these continued difficult times.

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